We made some even better vinyl sticker clothing tags

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A while back we showed you how to make vinyl sticker clothing tags, right here on the Diginate blog. Since then we’ve seen many hot independent clothing brand logos coming through the Diginate printers, ready to adorn sweaters, skinny jeans, and subsequently lamp-posts and guitar cases, all around the world.

Later on, we introduced die cut stickers, allowing you to cut the sticker and backing paper to any shape you like. This caused a major ripple in the sticker cutting industry, and subsequently we have cut stickers in the shape of trumpets, dachshunds and the Principality of Monaco, and sent them all over the world. Pretty sweet.

So when we were discussing these respective triumphs at the Diginate November Content Meeting Bake Sale an idea struck us. Why not combine clothing tags and die cutting to make awesome die cut clothing tags? We finished our tiffin and got to work.

We decided to create some new brands for our new tags, using more anagrams of Diginate. First up, was Aged Init, who supply vintage streetwear. We printed some gloss vinyl tags in the shape of… a rectangle with a curve at the bottom? A curvetangle? Here are our curvetangular tags:

clothing tag for vintage streetwear die cut clothing tag

Next up was Eating ID, a counterculture brand for hungry youths. We designed a vibrant tag, complete with bitemark cutout:

peelable clothing tag sticker

die cut peelable clothing tag stickers

We printed these on matt vinyl, for a truly urban texture.

Next we created a brand for people who’ve basically… given up. To compete with M&S. The name of the clothing line is I Date Gin:

vinyl clothing tags

Such a relatable brand needed a relatable shape, so we made these tags square.

Finally, we created a brand called Gained It, for successful people to show how successful they are:


We cut them into the shape of shades, as only successful people wear shades, and printed them on clear vinyl as it’s *slightly* more expensive than gloss or matt. Unfortunately we couldn’t quite run to TEFF Lexicon for the typeface.

No doubt these tags will help catapult such awesome clothing brands onto the bodies of celebrities, reality TV Stars and YouTube personalities everywhere. Job done!

die cut vinyl stickers

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