Here’s how to make vinyl sticker clothing tags

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If you run a clothing company you already know how important it is to have awesome tags on your clothes. Lots of clothing brands use Diginate for promo stickers, so we realised the next logical step is to make the tag a vinyl sticker itself. That way your customer can peel the sticker and display your brand on their laptop, guitar case, or submersible. Win win!

To show you how to do this we had to create some clothing brands:

fictitious clothing company logos

Eat Dig In is an Urban Clothing Company, so you can look like one of Beyonc√©’s backing dancers who hasn’t slept for a week. A Gin Diet provides clothes for the distinguished gentleman – the perfect look for when your phoney expenses claim goes to court. Giant Die is contemporary style for the chic, urban woman lacking in style.

Forget the clothing lines – the best thing about all these apparel brands is that their names are anagrams of Diginate.

We laid a few of the tag designs out on sheets with cut marks, so we can trim them to the exact size (you could order them as individuals though, if you want us to do the hard work). Here’s the three tag designs:

clothing label artwork

Eat Dig In gets gritty matt vinyl stickers, A Gin Diet will be printed on ‘gentleman’s club’ brushed gold, and Giant Die on metallic silver (using metallic tints to give a tonal gold finish to the print). Here’s the finished stickers:

brushed gold tags

mirror chrome tags

custom cut vinyl tags

Next we trimmed them, not stopping until they were all trum:

trimming clothing tags

Once they were trimmed out we got busy with our hole punch (you’ll remember it from when we made our own custom magazine file):

punching clothing tags

Our Eat Dig In tags have separate circular size stickers, so we stuck these on the back of the tags:

applying size stickers to clothing tags

Finally, we added some rustic string to hang the tag. You could use coloured or metallic twine though, if you’re after a less homespun look:

adding string to vinyl sticker tags

Here they are, our finished tags. The ‘stickerbility’ of these give them a nice added interactivity and promotional potential missing from standard card tags.

metallic clothing tag sticker

vinyl sticker clothing tag

Clothing tag stickers

Sadly our clothing brands didn’t make it much further than the tagging stage – the streets are safe from Eat Dig In for now.

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