Create your own hexagon laptop stickers!

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Coding is the new rock ’n roll. Just as musicians would cover their guitar cases with band stickers cataloguing their days on the road, developers […]

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illustrator 2017 features

Here are 5 new features of Illustrator CC 2017

Posted: in Design, Miscellaneous, Tutorials

Back in the day to get a load of cool new features in your desktop publishing software you had to head down to PC World […]

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Welcome to Steam City: our new sample pack available now!

Posted: in Diginate News, Miscellaneous, Offers

The time has come to shut down the Futuristic Factory. Industry moves fast and our factory of the future is just not so futuristic any […]

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polygon stickers

Here’s what you’ve been Diginating Lately No.21

Posted: in Case Studies, Design, Ideas

It’s the first HWYBDL of 2017. Here’s some of the best Diginates we’ve spotted on twitter lately… to get yours featured just mention @diginate! Have […]

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We had 1 hour and £11.57 to make a Christmas video

Posted: in Ideas, Miscellaneous, Projects

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house (Diginate office) nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. Except the Diginate marketing manager, who […]

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Diginate did some detailing with Infinity Wax!

Posted: in Case Studies, Miscellaneous

We always love printing labels for exciting new companies who are passionate about their products. That’s why Infinity Wax caught our eye. The Edinburgh based start-up […]

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Here’s the history of printing in one convenient infographic!

Posted: in Design, Miscellaneous

If there was any such thing as World Printing Day there’s every chance it could be today. In fact, it’s almost exactly a 1 in 365 […]

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surf club stickers

Here’s what you’ve been Diginating No.20

Posted: in Case Studies, Ideas

It’s been a while since we showcased what you’ve been Diginating lately, so onwards with #20! If you’d like to be featured just mention us […]

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We created some custom plant pot wraps!

Posted: in Case Studies, Ideas

When Summer draws to a close it’s nice to bring your plants indoors, to provide a bit of healthy greenery in your home or office. […]

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Designers – vent your frustration with Design Cliche Bingo!

Posted: in Design, Ideas, Miscellaneous, Projects

If you’re a professional designer you’ll know the toughest part of your job is dealing with difficult clients. Clients who find it challenging to articulate their […]

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