How to apply Window Stickers in 1, 2, 3… 4, 5

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Applying large Window Stickers can be a bit tricky. That’s why we created this simple 5-step guide that shows you exactly how to do it properly.

Window sticker application

Window Stickers can add a bit of colour to your windows, though we may have gone a bit too far with our colours. We’ve had some problems with nausea and temporary blindness, but that may have been caused by the beer we brewed in the same office.

Step 1: Spray liquid on window


Ensure the window is clean and free from dust and grease. Spray the surface of the window with a mist of water, mixed with a drop of detergent. Window cleaning fluid also works well.

Step 2: Peel off sticker


Carefully peel your window sticker from the backing paper.

Step 3: Spray liquid on sticker


Spray a fine mist of your water/detergent mix onto the adhesive side of your window sticker. Take care not to get any dust or dirt onto the adhesive surface.

Step 4: Place sticker on window


Place your graphic onto the window, adhesive side onto glass. You can remove and reposition the graphic until it is placed correctly.

Step 5: Get rid of excess fluid


Working from the centre outwards, use a squeegee (a credit card will also work) to carefully push the excess fluid and air from under the window sticker, leaving the graphic smoothly bonded to the window. Any corners or edges which are difficult to adhere during this process can be stuck down once the adhesive is dry.

You may notice a ‘silvering’ effect on the print when first applied. This is small areas of air trapped between the sticker and the surface of the window. This air will breathe out naturally over a few days, leaving a crystal clear graphic.

Now you know how to apply window stickers so there’s no excuse not to get some for your own windows.

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