We had 1 hour and £11.57 to make a Christmas video

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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house (Diginate office) nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. Except the Diginate marketing manager, who was demanding a Christmas video.

Unfortunately we’d already spent the majority of our Christmas marketing budget on yule log and festive knitwear – all that remained was £11.57, and one hour before the Diginate office closed for Christmas. There was no time or money to lose.

Remarkably, a 50cm x 70cm matt paper poster costs exactly £11.57. With our new poster in hand we fired up the Diginate camcorder and got filming. Here’s the magnificent result:

Thank you to everybody we had the pleasure of working with in 2016. Have a very merry Christmas, and best wishes for a wonderful 2017!

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