We created some custom plant pot wraps!

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When Summer draws to a close it’s nice to bring your plants indoors, to provide a bit of healthy greenery in your home or office. And prevent them dying, of course. Sadly at Diginate HQ we don’t have a garden, so our plants live indoors all year round. That’s why we decided to add a bit of variation to our horticultural display by creating our own custom plant pot wraps.

Creating a wrap for your pots is a relatively easy operation: all you need to know is height and circumference of the pot, and then create a template to print from. Once you’ve obtained these measurements it’s all about geometry. For basic cylindrical pots you need to multiply the height by the circumference. In more complex pots like, you can use an online are converter. We used this convenient area calculator to determine the total area of our semi-cone pot.

This year patterns and bright, vivid colours are very trendy, so we kept that in mind whilst creating our designs. Geometric shapes and simple catchy lines will be widely used as well. Here are a few of the ideas we have come up with to add a splash of colour to your pots:

custom cut sticker decal

plant pot wrap before application

plant pot graphics

The final step is also the trickiest (but the most fun): the application! We recommend wetting the pot before applying the sticker, to prevent it from sticking hard the first time. Or, if you want to swap your plant pot wraps around, use wall stickers.

Voilà, here is your brand new pot!

plant pot application process

completed bespoke plant pot wrap

custom printed plant pot wrap

patterned plant pot graphics

plant pot geometric

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