The NASA flickr stream is an amazing public domain resource you can use

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Got a thing for space imagery? The official NASA photostream on Flickr is a goldmine of incredible high-res images you can download and use. Thanks to the large image sizes, they are perfect for printing as posters through Diginate.

Here’s 20 of our favourite images from the NASA stream:

Expedition 37 Soyuz Landing Preparation (201311100001HQ)

Expedition 38 Soyuz Rollout (201311050023HQ)

Expedition 38 Soyuz Rollout (201311050018HQ)

Expedition 37 Launch (201309260003HQ)

Antares Cygnus Cargo Resupply (201309180016HQ)

LADEE Launch (201309060008HQ)

Expedition 36 Launch (201305290005HQ)

Expedition 34 Crew Lands (201303160016HQ)

LDCM Prelaunch (201302110001HQ)

Space Shuttle Atlantis Move (201211020001HQ)

Space Shuttle Endeavour Move (201210130050HQ)

Endeavour Ferried By SCA Over Downtown Houston Skyline (jsc2012e216923)

Expedition 32 Launch (201207150014HQ)

Space Shuttle Enterprise Move to Intrepid (201206060005HQ)

Expedition 30 Soyuz Rollout (201112190009HQ)

STS-135 Launch Day (201107080035HQ)

STS-135 Atlantis Launch (201107080028HQ)

STS-135 Atlantis Prelaunch (201107070028HQ)

Expedition 26 Soyuz Landing (201103160031HQ)

Total Lunar Eclipse (201012210001HQ)

To get hold of high-res versions of any image click the three dots in the corner:


And select the largest available size:


Most of the images are available at 4015 x 2672 pixels, which is sufficient to print an A2 sized poster (59.4cm x 42cm).

In addition to the official NASA photostream, theres an unofficial group for mashups using NASA imagery. Check it out here.

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