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We printed some friends for our wall mackerel!

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Our mackerel was lonely so we decided to get him some sea creature friends.

My secret plan (not so secret anymore I suppose) of turning the Diginate HQ into an aquarium is one step closer to completion! Pretending that the mackerel was lonely worked perfectly (idiots! Everyone knows mackerels don’t have feelings, they’re basically swimming psychopaths!) and I managed to get some more sea creatures. Now all I need is to slowly start pumping in water. I’m hoping by the time you read this I’ll be floating on a nice raft drinking cocktails while my colleagues are working hard underwater (relax, I’m planning to get them some snorkels, or at least some straws).

Anyway, the idea was to get some more sea creatures to make our dull walls look nicer. We decided on our favourite sea creatures and the winners were: octopus, manta ray, seahorse and sea snake. Sticking with the dazzle camouflage concept, we gave them all different colour combinations. Naturally we again used Wall Stickers.

Wall stickers sea creatures

Meet the gang: Fisty, Fatty, Flatty and Reginald. That’s Reginald the Seahorse (Reg for short; never call him Reggie though!), Flatty the Manta Ray, Fatty the Sea Snake and Fisty the Octopus.

Wall sticker prints

Here are our printed Wall Stickers. Following are some close up shots and, even better, some facts!

Wall stickers sea creatures detail

The colours once again came out very nice. Sea snakes are quite cool (because they’re cold blooded), highly venomous and eat fish, fish eggs and their nemesis, the eel.

Wall stickers sea creatures detail

Vibrant! When not assisting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and (indirectly) assisting James Bond, Manta Rays enjoy jumping, which is especially impressive when you realise that they can grow up to seven metres wide.

Wall stickers sea creatures detail

Octopuses (no, it’s not ‘octopi’ – look it up!) shouldn’t be confused with squids, which have eight arms and two tentacles. Octopuses have sadly no tentacles, but like a million arms. Literally (figuratively)!

Wall sticker sea creatures detail

The scientific name Hippocampus comes from Ancient Greek hippos, which means ‘horse’, and kampos, which means ‘super awesome’.

Wall sticker mackerel

See how lonely our poor fish is.

Wall stickers sea creatures

That’s better!

Wall stickers sea creatures detail

What a friendly looking (and inquisitive) snake. He should watch out for the octopus though; he’s a master of disguise.

Wall stickers sea creatures detail

Our mackerel is making new friends.

Wall stickers sea creatures detail

Even though seahorses and rays are natural enemies, these two seem to be getting along fine. Maybe it’s because manta rays only eat plankton and Reg is by far the world’s largest seahorse.


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