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We decorated our windows!

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Diginate HQ is in a lovely part of East London, but we felt our own building was a bit grey and boring. We decided to put a splash of colour on our windows to brighten it up a bit.

No graphics on windows

Here is our window before. Not too bad, but we felt it lacked a bit of colour.

Designing window graphics

We designed this great colourful artwork inspired by ink pigments, crystals, prisms and the kind of rolling hills and mountain ranges you don’t get in London.

Printed window stickers

The finished artwork was printed onto custom cut Gloss Window Stickers.

Preparing windows for graphics

After thoroughly cleaning the window it is a good idea to spray a bit of the same window cleaner on it so you can easily position the window stickers.

Reverse printed window graphics

When peeling off the stickers you can see the lovely colours on the front of the sticker.

Applying window graphics

Putting a bit more window cleaner on the sticker makes it easy to position the sticker on the window without it sticking immediately.

Application of window stickers

Use a cloth or a hard sponge to squeeze out the liquid.

Apply window graphics

Make sure the stickers line up, which is very easy since we can reposition them because of the liquid.

Wet application of window graphics

Looks tasty! It’s a shame our stickers are not edible.

Cleaning window graphics

Finally, just wipe off the excess liquid from the window.

Completed reverse printed window stickers

This is our finished window.

Completed window graphics

We definitely added some colour to the building, and we hope to attract more caterpillars as well!


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