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Promote your cafe, shop or bar to the social networks with Diginate stickers

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A couple of months ago I looked at QR codes, which provide a kind of hyperlink between physical items and the digital world, but this isn’t the only way to forge a connection.

You may have heard of foursquare, a social networking site growing at a terrific rate. The site encourages you to ‘check-in’ at real world locations; your check-ins are then published to your friends on the site, and various incentives are offered by retailers to encourage this. Figures are murky but foursquare claims to have 10m active users.

A feature on Facebook called Places serves a similar purpose, publishing your location to your friends. Facebook has over 700m users.

So if you run a bar, restaurant, shop, or more or less any bricks and mortal business, what’s in it for you?

Publicity, of course.

Every time somebody checks in at your business the details are sent out to everyone within their online social circle. Often a single check-in is syndicated across foursquare, facebook and twitter, exposing your company to hundreds of potential customers. If you run a bar, for example, you can imagine how powerful this could be.

So as a business how do you capitalise on this?

First up, check if your business is listed on foursquare. This is easy to do here. If not, get listed, it takes 2 minutes using their online guide. Facebook Places has a similar system.

Once you’re listed, you need to start encouraging people to check in. That’s where Diginate comes in, with a simple window sticker! And don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you.

Our very own design department has produced a selection of sticker designs for you to display at your business and put you firmly on the digital map. If you run a bricks and mortal business you’d be mad not to display one of these window stickers – just one check-in could pay for the sticker, and over the course of a few months could earn hundreds in revenue!

Here’s our selection of exclusive designs. To order simply download the pdf artwork, and order through the diginate site. We’ve added our suggested sizing, but feel free to adjust to your requirements.

Suggested size: 16cm x 6cm
Download this artwork.
Order as Contour Cut Window Stickers

Suggested size: 15cm x 15cm
Download this artwork.
Order as Circular Window Stickers

Suggested size: 16cm x 6cm
Download this artwork.
Order as Contour Cut Window Stickers

Suggested size: 17cm x 6cm
Download this artwork.
Order as Window Stickers

Suggested size: 13cm x 19.2cm
Download this artwork.
Order as Contour Cut Window Stickers

Once you’ve received the stickers adhere them prominently and proudly in your window and wait for the checkins to roll in! You could even offer an incentive to your customers to check in, such as a discount or a free gift.

Here’s what some of our finished stickers look like:

Let us know how you get on!


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