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Print your own vintage Olympic poster!

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Everyone knows that everything was better in the old days. That includes the Olympics, which apparently starts this week. We at Diginate have found these images of vintage Olympic posters, which we have digitally restored so you can print your very own!

Remember how it was in London in 1908? No Boris Johnson telling you off for taking the bus, that’s for sure. Maybe you have fond memories of the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm or the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp? That Tug of War match in Stockholm was a thriller! Well, now you can relive those memories with these lovely posters.

A recently rediscovered poster for the 1908 Franco-British exhibition and Summer Olympics in London. Unfortunately the artist is unknown.

Programme cover for 1908 London Olympics by A.S. Cope. There was no official poster until the 1912 Olympics (see below) so the programme cover was often used as an official image.

Poster for the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. This was the first ever official poster for the Olympics and it was designed by Olle Hjortzberg. Can you believe it’s 100 years ago? I remember it like it was yesterday.

Poster for the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp by Martha van Kuyck and Walter von der Ven. Fun fact: Sweden’s 100 meter running deer double-shot event champion Oscar Swahn won in the team event to become the oldest Olympic champion ever, at 72 years old!

All these posters are public domain, which means they can be used freely by anyone. Our versions are sized to A3. Please note that these are preview images, but we have high resolution versions of the posters here at Diginate HQ. If you want to print a poster, just download the image you want from this blog post, upload it when you place your order and we will use our hi-res versions for printing.


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