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How to customise a spare wheel cover

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Team Diginate bought a spare wheel cover and decided to slap a wild animal on it! Not literally of course.

If we had an official Diginate car it would be an old army Jeep (or any other car really, we’re not that picky), which of course are known for the spare wheel on the back. We’ve started building our own car and the first part was creating a spare wheel cover. In hindsight, we should probably have started with a different part, such as any part of the actual car. Nevertheless, instead of having a boring old cover we wanted something a bit more personal and/or fear-inducing. This post will show you how to customise your own wheel cover.

Blank wheel cover

This is our wheel cover. It’s a hard shell that’s practically begging for a sticker. We used a circular Gloss Vinyl sticker that’s 52cm in diameter.

Vinyl wheel cover sticker

Is it a wolf? Is it a bear? No, it’s WolfBear! We wanted a design that would scare off potential car thiefs and WolfBear does the job. We couldn’t decide who would win in a fight between a bear and a wolf so we decided to create a hybrid animal! In fact, we like it so much we’ve started looking into how to breed a real bear and a wolf. Unfortunately, it’s not looking very promising.

Applying wheel sticker graphic

To apply and reposition the sticker easily, first spray some liquid on the wheel cover. Surface cleanser works well.

Unpeeling 4x4 wheel cover sticker

Peel off the sticker…

Application of wheel cover sticker

…and stick it on the wheel cover. You can move it around so don’t worry about getting it spot on right away.

Applying vinyl graphic to wheel cover

When you’re happy with the position, just squeeze out the liquid with a cloth or hard sponge.

Graphic wheel cover

Done! The colours really stand out against the rich black background, making WolfBear seem to leap out from the shadows.

Black custom wheel cover graphics

The wall will have to do while we finish the rest of the car.

4x4 graphic for wheel cover

Looks dangerous! Should scare a cyclist or two.



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