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Here’s what you’ve been Diginating No.19 – Instagram Edition

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It’s an extra special instagram edition of Here’s What You’ve Been Diginating lately! Make sure you tag your shots #diginate to be featured in the next one!

We love these clear vinyl whiskey labels overlaid with die cut paper…

Some robotic die-cut promo stickers for MK Geek Night, MK’s #1 tech meetup… 

Loving our new #MKGN stickers, with huge thanks to @diginatehq. A photo posted by Richard Wiggins (@richardwiggins) on

Love these duotone vinyl beauties… 

Classy gold vinyl envelope stickers – perfect for wedding invites… 

Starting today with a #weddinghack courtesy of a recent Paper Bow London project for a lovely bride and groom jetting off to Crete to get married ✈️ . Gold foiling is the new must-have for stationery; it instantly says ‘luxury’! Sadly, foiled invitations can fall outside of many peoples budgets, but why not instead use a beautiful gold sticker instead? Metallic stickers still have that beautiful glossy gold finish, can be customised, and all at a fraction of the cost of a foiling ✨ Ideal for sealing envelopes, belly bands and wraps, they really are an amazing finishing touch for any stationery set… I might just order some Paper Bow ones myself! #wedding #hack #stationery #weddingstationery #gold #thatsdarling #weddinginvitation #destinationwedding #paperbowlondon @diginatehq A photo posted by Paper Bow London (@paperbowlondon) on

Stickers for these amazing book sculptures 

New #stickers just arrived from @diginatehq #vinylstickers #cool use #code 6HJM69 at diginate.com 10% #discount on yours.

A photo posted by Justin Rowe (@daysfalllikeleaves) on

Cute brushed aluminium tin stickers… 

And finally, sparkly packaging stickers in all their glory! 


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