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Here are 8 upsetting stock images we found on Shutterstock

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We’re always using stock images here at Diginate, whether it’s for our customers or our own purposes. If you need a photo of a tame lioness holding a baby, or a bowling alley on fire it’s ready and waiting for you, saving you much expense plus fatalities and imprisonment.

If you spend lots of time searching through stock, however, you’ll invariably come across a dark underbelly of images that should never have seen the light of day. It’s hard to fathom a use for any of these stock images we found whilst browsing Shutterstock the other day, apart from featuring in a blog post entitled ‘Here are 8 upsetting stock images we found on Shutterstock’. Those of you with a weak constitution: look away now.

1. ANOTHER pair of shoes?!


“Yes but I haven’t got ANY human feet shoes.”

2. Funny? More like upsetting.


Etched into your brain, forever.

3. Britain’s next top model


Frustrating as I was actually looking for an adult male in his 40’s playing airplane in an old cardboard box.

4. We’ve all been there right?


I can’t really remember what happened last night but it must have been wild.

5. You are what you eat.


And this guy eats watermelons.

6. Don’t worry, I probably spilled the pint on myself…


Nice jumper though.

7. Is it a chicken? Is it a human?


It must be an octo-handed chuman.

8. No XBOX until you’ve finished your homework…


…you can scream all you want.


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