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Flickr’s 5 Billionth Photo

Posted: in Miscellaneous

So this is the 5 billionth photo uploaded to image sharing website Flickr, which was uploaded by user yeoaaron on Saturday 18th September 2010:


It’s a photo collage of the Woodward’s Building in Vancouver, Canada, and as luck would have it, it’s rather good.

Flickr is growing at a rate of 2.5m photos a month, no doubt encouraged by the proliferation of affordable high-quality digital cameras, and improved cameras on mobile phones.

Since the photographer (presumably basking in unexpected media attention as a result) has generously licensed the image under the Creative Commons non-commercial license, and has a uploaded a beautifully high-resolution file, we decided to brighten up one of our white walls with this little piece of internet imaging history.

The image was printed as a gloss paper poster and mounted to foamboard.


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