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First diginate stickers in space

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These days it’s not just governments who have the resources and expertise to reach space. Whilst private companies such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project battle to bring space tourism to the masses, a band of individuals scattered across the planet are also reaching for the stars. The difference, though, is they’re fueling their mission with something you’re likely to find in every kitchen across the globe: sugar.

Sugar Shot to Space is the first collaborative project of it’s kind. Rocketry experts, enthusiasts and volunteers from every corner of the planet have come together via the internet to design, build and launch a rocket which will burn it’s way into space on a high calorie sugar propellant.

The initial Minishot prototype will be launched later this year, followed by the real deal; an 8.2m tall rocket which will reach speeds of Mach 5, broadcasting live video via the internet as it enters space, before returning to earth for a controlled parachute landing.

Here at diginate we’re excited to be supplying logo graphics for the rocket, created by Norwegian designersDoghouse.

For more information on the project check out http://www.sugarshot.org/


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