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Create your own Halloween mask!

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Halloween is about to descend upon us like a vampire bat, and what better way to celebrate it than to create a creepy mask of your own (or someone else’s) zombiefied face?

We are going to a Halloween party this weekend, and we’re tired of spending loads of time and money sorting out a sexy Donald Duck costume. That’s why we decided to keep it simple this year! We took pictures of ourselves and used the ZombieBooth app to create zombie versions of our own faces. We then made sure they were the correct size (we printed two different sizes just in case) and put them together to one 70.5x30cm Laminated Poster.

Mask prints

This is our print. Laminated posters are more durable than normal poster so they work well as masks. You can even spill beer on them, which, this being a Halloween part and all, is good news for us.

Halloween printing

We then cut out the faces…

Halloween posters

…and the eyes.

Laminated halloween posters

I always wanted to get my ears pierced.

Making a halloween mask

The final step was attaching elastic bands. Turns out this was the most difficult part of the project. We went to 10 different shops before we managed to find them.

Printed mask

The Terminator, Special Scandinavian Edition.

Printed halloween mask

The Incredibly Camp Hulk.

Make a poster into a mask

Since Tim is away on holiday and Clive was busy taking pictures Jon had to act as a stand in. It was either that or make some clones, but our cloning machine is currently busy trying to create a WolfBear.


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