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In July we printed a lot of animals

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We went through the archive of Diginate orders for July and one thing stood out: we printed a lot of different animals!

What to do with this information, we thought? Well, what does one do with any piece of information not worth sharing? You turn it into an infographic! So that’s what we did.

Animal Prints infographic

There were a couple of things were quite surprising: first of all the fact that a cat didn’t appear until the very end. In fact, we had 39 different animals before we printed a cat. This is not including the rather amazing cat with bat wings we had the pleasure of printing in early July.

Lion was the big winner in July, featuring thirteen times on different pieces of artwork. Dog, not surprisingly, was also far up the list – sharing the second place with wolf. Dogs and wolves featured 11 times each, while hummingbird in fourth place only featured 8 times.

Disappointingly, not a single badger was printed in July. If you want to print something, but have no idea what, print a badger! It would make us happy. Or a hedgehog. That would be good as well.

If you want more BatCat, check out this great song by Mogwai.

PS: We have included insects, arachnoids, echinoderms etc as animals. Sorry if this upset you.


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